Sommers Show Lambs began in 2007, when Derrick and Amanda transitioned into raising sheep from Amanda's Dad, Bob Eppen.  The Eppen family raised club lambs since 1990.  They exhibited lambs at the local and state fair level for many years.  Since the transition in 2007, Derrick and Amanda have used primarily Hampshire breeding and strive to breed quality show lambs that will compete at any level.  We have used genetics from breeders such as Hobbs Show Lambs, Franz Farms, N&H Livestock, and Dee Brothers LLC.  We look forward to what the future holds for us in the show lamb industry and value our friendships that we have made through our experiences.

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Derrick & Amanda Sommers


Derrick & Amanda Sommers
Waseca, Minnesota
p. (507) 461-2292