Calf Raiser Program
This program assists producers who want to increase the number of calves born from their superior genetics without increasing the number of recipients. The client's embryos (fresh or frozen) are placed into Elite Repro's recipients and are carried to term, calved out and run until weaning where the calf is picked up by the owner.

Pregnant Recipient Program
This program allows embryos (fresh or frozen) to be transferred into recipients. Once the cattle are pregnancy tested and status confirmed, the recipients are purchased by the owner. This is a great option for producers that have pasture to run recipients -- no upfront labor and you only receive pregnant recipients.

Twin Longhorn Embryo Calves

Newborn Wagyu Calf

Open Recipients for Purchase
These cattle are open, reproductively sound and have been tested for BVD-PI3, BLV, Johne's and Neospora. They have also been vaccinated, wormed and given MultiMin.  Good recips are extremely hard to come by so let us help you start building your recip herd today.

Red Wagyu Calf Weaned Beefmaster Calves


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